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Enhanced DVD Authoring – Hybrid DVD

Enhanced DVD Authoring

Capture Motion Media is pleased to announce that we are now a post production facility that offers Enhanced DVD Authoring (Hybrid DVD). An enhanced DVD or a hybrid DVD is a DVD that will open in any DVD setup player and be able to open a menu in any computer be it a MAC or PC. From the computer menu a viewer can open video files and Adobe PDF files. There could also be flash programming with this menu and offer many different user experiences from surveys to questionnaires and applications to games.These discs are also available in blu-ray format as well. You can also choose to have your content turned into a web page by asking us to format the video content as a flash file for your website.


An all in one file type

Enhanced DVD authoring or Hybrid DVDs can also be mastered as a Blu-ray disc as well. Two things will be considered when deciding between the two formats:

    Final Resolution Requested
    Capacity of information or file size

Having an enhanced dvd for most digital content creators will be your answer when delivering previews to clients or for corporations sending out promotional mailers. Now you have a media type that can be opened in any DVD player and or computer system.Perfect for the client that wants to have a door to door campaign and want to be able to give something that speaks about your company, services, and or products. If someone does not get the chance to meet you in person, at least they have something then they could refer to. This is when interesting, unique packaging makes a world of difference. Not only that, but video production gives your company the look and feel of professionalism like no other medium.Speak with a representative about setting up an appointment to discuss your video production or creating an enhanced disc. You can reach us here or learn more about video production.

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Capture Motion Media listed with Thumbtack

Thumbtack Services

Thumbtack services provides local consumers a list of companies that provide local services. They do all of the screening and analysis so you can make better decisions when hiring professionals in your community. With 270,000 pre-screened service professionals, they can get you the service pro you need for just about anything and within 24 hours. In fact, their customer requests team carefully reviews each request before routing it to the right service pros for you. Thumbtack has listings for just about any service you are requesting, and the services are free and you are under no obligation. I recommend checking out their services.

Capture Motion Media Listed with Thumbtack

Just recently Capture Motion Media listed their business with Thumbtack under Video Production for the Web and TV! to increase their business reach on the world wide web. We are confident that Thumbtack will find us qualified clients that are seeking video production, video editing, and script writing.Founder John Lorince says “we understand Capture Motion Media is a relatively new company on the web, so we wanted to leverage our search engine ranking by listing with Thumbtack. We understand clearly how important it is to rank on the first page of Google and the other search engines. For some companies we work in some light SEO work since our background is also in web design. The reason why we decided to work primarily in video production is because we know that have to be a niche company to have success. Even though it seemed very appealing at first to offer web design, video production, and search engine marketing. We have since then decided that we wanted to focus in primarily in content creation and video production. This way we can really flex our creative muscles with our skills in script writing and utilize our technical aptitudes in video production and post production.”

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