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Video and Web Production Company Opens Officially

Well, for those that know me, understand that I have been working with clients and friends for over 6 years now without exaggeration. I started my quest into digital media by shooting weddings and making websites with HTML around 1996. And like my numerology buddy Hans Decoz stated earlier today “Life Sucks” – “meaning that your life is guided by your longing and your loves, and it sucks you into the future whether you like it or not”. And that is exactly what has partaken me on my journey while I would be second guessing myself through the whole journey but yet still always leading to this realization. I have been creating digital online media professionally (getting paid in some form) since at least 2004. So with this, I am officially (on the books) opening Capture Motion Media up for business.
Capture Motion Media

Services Offered

We are specializing in creating online brochure web sites, web video, E-commerce web presences, business profile videos and search engine optimization(SEO). Ironically enough all of these items are essential to each other when creating an online presence for your company. I am calling this whole package the Complete Business Edition. All of the individual items in this package are integral to the success of a total online presence. Google has deemed each part critical for a company to push ahead of the pack online. I feel it makes total sense, for the business or brand that works the hardest will get the rewards with this formula that they have created. They do not call it the The Complete Business Edition, this is where Capture Motion Media comes in – thanks Google.

For anyone seeking service with Capture Motion Media, rest assured my clients will tell you of my dedication and thoroughness to see a project to the finish the line. Just check out our testimonials for validation, or view some of the work samples on the site. Also remember that my best work has yet to be made, for that project could be with you and your company. We continue to increase our talent and skills here at Capture Motion Media daily by continued education and experience.

Feel free to contact me at 216-938-5546 or fill out the form here on the website, and we will be right back with your answers and or ideas.

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