Google Video Ads – TrueView

Google Video Ads

Google Video Ads – TrueView

Capture Motion Media is very excited to see video publishing becoming the TrueView of choice for Google Video Ads. Give your audience something they haven’t had before – a choice. TrueView Google Video ads give viewers control over which ads they want to see, and when. TrueView video ads come in four formats, and you pay only when someone watches your message. This is going to revolutionize the way advertising works and provides a smaller business enough exposure to really see results from video marketing.

For a company like Capture Motion Media that is comfortable creating over three advertising spots in one weeks time, this is very good news for us. Companies like Google are now supporting our talent and skill set and rewarding us with such great distribution methods and formats. We now have opened a door for new companies, individuals, and brands to make a splash with their marketing and be able to measure the results with our Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, and Adword’s programs.

Experience in Video

Allow our directors and staff to assist your business in expanding your reach in the marketplace by producing quality, cost effective Google Video Ads on a continual basis. We have worked with clients ranging from large video distributors, entertainment professionals, small businesses, and charitable organizations. We begin our consultation by reviewing your web presence in place or by creating one from scratch with your business model at hand. There is a very specific formula that we follow to reach your goals and visions. We have access to the area’s best writers, directors, talent, spokespeople, and crew to create the quality you desire for your brand.

Inquire within by calling 216-938-5546 and ask for John to setup your online presence using video ads implementing the Google TrueView Ad formats and distribution. You can also check out some of our previous and current clients videos here on this or go to our publishing site Capture Motion TV

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