Video Production Services

Professional Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Capture Motion Media loves to create unique compelling segments, mission statements, company profiles, and product descriptions, all corporate video productions in multiple industries here in Northeast Ohio. With contacts from Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Toledo, and Youngstown, chances are you may have seen a mission statement or training video produced by John Lorince and his staff. We are proven are more than capable to create what your envisioning without dropping all of your marketing budget on one video production. Take some time to check out our sample work or contact us for more information.

Video Productions

Video Productions

Here at Capture Motion Media we produce video productions daily for our clients and associates. Our productions range from your standard company profile video to producing a viral style narrative to capture your companies audience or demographic. We enjoy coming up with fresh ideas to deliver your companies statement. We have over 10 years experience creating content from ideas to script creation, all the way to the HD Television set or streaming on the web. If you are a head of marketing for your company and are seeking fresh ideas for video production contact us..

Video Editing

Video Editing

Perhaps you already have content shot but you need¬†world class video editing. All to often in this age, people will choose a production company with little to no “reel” working experience, and then they need that footage edited and put into a finished segment that features services and products. Or you are in production on a movie, and your looking for a narrative editor to put the finishing touches on your story’s flow and visual style. We here at Capture Motion Media are supporting up to 5k resolution workflows with camera support for RED, Arri Alexa, Canon C300, HDSLR, and all other video formats. We are honest, straight forward, and considered skilled by our industry peers.

Premium Web Design Services

Custom Video Production

We specialize in 30-60 second commercial spots for TV network distribution and Google’s Keyword Video Campaigns. We also offer small business company profiles, web video production for social media and web presences, training and instructional video presentations, and photo montages with music and voice over for smaller budgets. Through careful analysis of your companies marketing message, we craft your video productions to move your message to create opportunities.

Professional Website Template

Web Videos | Marketing Campaigns

Most companies are increasing their web and internet marketing through the use of web videos and online video. Three years ago it was enough to just have a website that was well written and worked as an online brochure. Now having a website video is becoming an integral part of your web presence. The integration between YouTube and Google and back to your website is the formula for your search engine ranking. Read More..

Live Events & Wedding Videos

Live Events & Weddings

Capture Motion Media understands how important it is to produce a live event recording that serves memories that are timeless. We have over 10 years experience taping live events from weddings to concert videos. We take all of the necessary steps to make sure every second of your event is captured to high definition media with pristine audio for your viewing pleasure. If you really think about it, why take so much time up planning an event to only witness the event for one day? With our Live Event Video Package you will be able to see the events you plan to their very details as a guest from your own living room. We can deliver your video as a web accessible video or create a Blu-ray or DVD of your event. Discuss your details with a Capture Motion Media representative to find the correct coverage and desired outcome.